Petrit Ceno

Petrit Ceno


Ceno Petrit, a painter of Albanian origin (born in Vlore in 1941), has been living in Italy for 15 years and he has a wide production of works of art and reviews at national and international level behind him.
After attending the secondary school, specializing in art subjects, under Buza, Kaceli, Pacio and Koheli?s guidance (prestigious masters), he attended a three years course in painting specialization.
Many of his works have become stamps and cards in his country and some copies are exposed in the council chamber of Tirana?s Goverment, as well as in the Fine Arts Academy in Bonn.
Concerning Italy, he exhibited in Rome in 1983 and in Milan in 1995.
He made a name for himself in Campomarino (Campobasso) with Guttuso, and he received two prestigious prizes for his originality, obtaining space in the national press, in particular in ?Il Tempo?.
His artistic bibliography(?)(non biography?) has reached astonishing scale and prestige.

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