Giulio Napoletano

Giulio Napoletano


My work is intended to be a meditation about the mysteries hidden in dreams, in nature, in memories and how they can be represented in their evolution and mutation becoming another instant of a story to deliver to the beholders. I found my inspiration and reason to build my figurative narrative language from the work of those who walked the insidious path of the magic and fantastic realism, beyond the basic humanism: not only painters but writers, film-makers, authors of comics or illustrated books such as Lovecraft, Gaiman, Giger, Henry Darger, Antonio Ligabue, Joe Coleman, Katsuhiro Otomo, Junji Ito, Mario Bava or the artists of the Wiener Schule van Phantastische Realismus.

My goal is to bring illustration in my paintings and painting in my illustrations.

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